We've expanded our services to include mental health support for adults of all ages. But don't worry - we will continue to offer excellent therapy services designed specifically for teens.


At Colorado Teen Therapy, we help teens create a life that is authentic, mentally healthy and purposeful by providing the support, skills and space they need to grow and thrive.  Our team helps teens improve their self-awareness, self-advocacy, self-regulation and communication so they can become more confident, more connected to others and more accepting of themselves just as they are.


At Colorado Teen Therapy, we believe in:

Acceptance & Inclusion

We accept our clients just as they are. We do not believe that any teens need to be “fixed”.  Instead, we strive to help teens see their own worth and celebrate it. As a business, we seek to expand opportunities to reach a diverse client population as well as hire clinicians of varying backgrounds, beliefs and specialties.



Relationships & Connection.

Meaningful connection is at the heart of every relationship.  We seek to help teens build strong relationships with themselves, their families and their friends.  As a business, we are also committed to fostered strong, collaborative relationships among our team members, based on mutual respect and a shared vision.


Therapy as both Art & Science.

Our work with teenagers is informed by research in adolescent development, brain science and evidence-based practices.  We use therapy methods and interventions that are age-appropriate and proven effective.  We also acknowledge that there is an art and nuance to connecting with teen clients, building rapport, modeling mental wellness and providing both space and guidance in our approach to therapy.


Growing & Learning.

We believe mental well-being is not a destination or a goal, but rather a journey.  We help our teen clients embrace the opportunity to learn more about themselves and grow in new ways.  As a business, we are committed to lifelong growth and learning.  We regularly engage in meaningful education and trainings as a staff, and we acknowledge that every one of us is also on our own journey of personal growth.