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Adventure Therapy

What is Adventure Therapy?

“The use of games, activities, initiatives, and peak experiences to facilitate the development of group process, interpersonal relationships, personal growth, and therapeutic gain.”
(Ashby, Kottman, & DeGraaf, 2008)

Adventure Therapy at Colorado Teen Therapy engages clients in active/kinesthetic activities that facilitate self-reflection and change by allowing experience to be the guiding force.  Instead of using traditional talk therapy as the main source of intervention, inner change comes as product of concrete experiences based in alternative settings (parks, gyms, lakes, recreation areas, etc.)

Adventure Therapy at CTT

Traditional adventure therapy programs isolate clients for days or weeks in a wilderness setting.  Clients learn new and adaptive ways of thinking and expand/grow their strengths, which leads to incredible therapeutic progress.  The major downfall of this model, however, is when the teen is placed back in their old environment without any therapeutic support.

Adventure Therapy at CTT utilizes short therapeutic experiences that are individually planned to assist teens and their families toward their therapeutic goals. Teens and families use the adventure experience to gain skills and insights which they can immediately apply to their environments with ongoing support from CTT.

Is Adventure Therapy Right for My Teen?

Adventure Therapy has been proven to be a highly effective counseling approach for pre-teens, teens and young adults.  It can be especially effective for clients who have difficulty with traditional talk therapy and need more concrete experiences to assist in their therapeutic process.


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