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5 Habits of Mental Health

Working with teenagers and their mental health struggles can sometimes feel like we’re stuck in an endless cycle of problem-solving.  With their tendency to be emotionally volatile, and to focus on the here-and-now, it’s easy to become laser focused on helping them figure out how to solve something immediate or calm down from a crisis.…

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How to Stop Fighting About Grades and Homework

School is often a hot topic between parents and teenagers.  We know our teens need and want more independence, but we also know that school is important and they need to stay on track.  For some families, this leads to lots of tension and fighting.  And if your teenager is doing school from home this…

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Are you ready for Middle School?

 Yes, middle school may be a time full of awkwardness and self-doubt, but it is also a time of incredible transformation and movement toward independence. With regard to its impact on human development, this period of life is second only to the period from infancy to age three. Think about that for a minute. Remember how much…

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Is it anxiety or just back-to-school jitters?

By Cheryl Somers, MA, LPC The summer flew by and now suddenly it’s August!  Which means it’s time for your teen to head back to school.  Going back to school can bring all kinds of reactions, from excitement about seeing friends, to dread about waking up early, to denial that it’s happening at all. Most…

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