How to Stop Fighting About Grades and Homework

School is often a hot topic between parents and teenagers.  We know our teens need and want more independence, but we also know that school is important and they need to stay on track.  For some families, this leads to lots of tension and fighting.  And if your teenager is doing school from home this semester, that certainly brings new challenges and new tensions!

In this week’s video, I’m sharing with you my 5-step plan for monitoring your teen’s grades so that you can have more productive conversations and stop fighting about school.

But before we even get to the 5 steps, I’ll ask you to reflect on 2 questions that have a big impact on how you and your teen talk about school.

Question 1: What kind of student is your teenager?  Is your teen:

  •       A perfectionist, over-achiever?
  •       A kid who genuinely loves school and loves learning?
  •       A kid who hates school because of difficulties with reading or learning?
  •       A kid who tolerates school and just goes through the motions?
  •       Something else?

And Question 2:  What are your expectations as a parent?  When you look at your teenager’s grades online, are you hoping to see:

  • Everything completed on time and all A’s?
  • A mix of grades as long as the end result meets your standards?
  • Any type of grade as long as the work is done?
  • Something else?

As parents, we need to reflect on all of those questions before we even start to talk with our teens about their grades.

Check out this week’s video where we will explore why these questions matter and dive into the 5-step plan for checking grades without the fighting!

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