Individual Counseling For Teens

Does my teenager need counseling?  How can I tell? How will it help?

These are questions we hear so often from parents.  They often come to our office wondering, is my child just being a normal, moody teenager, or does he/she need some help? Knowing how tumultuous the teenage years can be, it makes sense that parents might wonder what qualifies as “normal”.

The most common concerns we address are:

  • low self-esteem/lack of confidence
  • self-doubt/concerns about self-image
  • difficulty managing stress (often leading to self-injury)
  • difficulty with relationships (parents, siblings, friends)
  • inability to handle conflict

How do we approach counseling at Colorado Teen Therapy?

Therapy is about so much more than just giving teens a place to vent and someone to listen to them.  Our approach to counseling is strengths-based and solution-focused.  With every teen client we meet, we seek to:

Discover (or uncover) their strengths.

We look at how they have successfully managed difficult situations in the past and how those strengths can be applied to their current situation.

Encourage Self-Reflection

We help teens look inward and be honest about what they value and what their priorities are. It is so empowering for teens to reflect on what matters deeply to them – not  what matters to their parents or teachers or coaches—but to them as individuals.

Visualize How Things Can Be Different

Whether it’s approaching life with more confidence, coping with stress in healthier ways or building stronger friendships, we ask our teen clients to focus on the life they wish to have and then work together on strategies for making that happen.

Empower Them to Make Changes

We provide guidance, strategies and skills to help teens make the changes they have identified. We give them a safe place to dream, plan and try something new and also a safe place to share disappointment, struggles and frustration when there are obstacles or setbacks.

How To Get Started

Call 720-441-3714 or complete the contact form below and our intake coordinator will reach out to you soon!

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