We've expanded our services to include mental health support for adults of all ages. But don't worry - we will continue to offer excellent therapy services designed specifically for teens. And you can schedule with Ashley Jara on our new website:

Ashley Jara, MA, LPC

I became a therapist because I find joy in joining others on their unique journey. I believe in the impact of a supportive relationship, mindful thoughts and movement, and find gratitude in the privilege of working with my clients.

I do my best work with teens who are looking to build a healthy relationship within themselves and others, build healthy coping skills for life’s daily struggles, and are looking to build on their own personal strengths.


My Experience

Through my work in schools, non profits, and private practice I have gained a wealth of experience and training that enable me to work well with self image, general anxiety and depressive mood, school based advocacy, psychosomatic struggles, and overall mindfulness.

• I hold a certification Licensed Professional Counseling.
• I have a Master of Arts Degree in Human Development and Counseling from Saint Louis University
• I have training in yoga and mindful movement that I can integrate into work with clients in a more whole person practice.

I love working with teens to...

find their best selves by helping them express themselves, find and build on their own strengths, and identify healthy skills to implement in their own life. . My goal is to have clients walk away from our work feeling like they are working towards their best selves every day.

When I'm not working with clients...

I am outdoors, running or walking my 8 month old baby boy. I love food and consider myself a chocolate professional!