Mother Daughter Workshop

“Creating Connection”

A Mother & Daughter Communication Workshop

For Moms and Daughters ages 12-18

Teens who can talk openly with their parents report higher self-esteem, better performance in school and healthier relationships with peers.

Spend a day with your daughter learning how to:

  • Improve communication
  • Reduce conflict
  • Gain a deeper understanding of her goals and dreams
  • Learn to have more fun together
  • Find ways to re-connect daily
  • Learn how your personality affects your relationship
  • Build the foundation for a lifelong friendship

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the format?

    • The all day workshop is broken into segments that include
      • large group activities/discussions,
      • separate group activities for the moms and the daughters,
      • a mother/daughter yoga session
      • a breakout session to learn your personality type and how it might impact your relationship
      • one-on-one activities for each mother/daughter pair.
  • What topics are covered?

    • How well do you know each other?
    • How are your personalities impacting your communication?
    • Strategies for fighting fair, active listening and resolving conflict.
    • Balancing privileges with clear boundaries.
    • Creating habits that foster deeper connection.
  • Who should sign up?

    • This full day workshop is perfect for moms and daughters who are struggling to communicate and connect, as well as moms and daughters who have a pretty good relationship and want to make it even stronger.

What's included in your fee?

  • 6 hours of workshop activities led by licensed professional counselors and experts on teen development. (Value at our hourly session rate = $840), including:
    • 1 hour of Mother/Daughter Yoga Therapy to introduce you and and your daughter to how the mind/body connection affects your moods and behavior.
    • 1 hour of exploring the Enneagram Personality Test and its effect on your relationship
  • Workbooks for mother & daughter so you can continue to practice what you've learned when you get home.
  • Catered lunch and snacks


Saturday, February 29th  9:30am-3:30pm

Location: Koelbel Public Library, Greenwood Village, Colorado
Cost: $185 per mother/daughter pair





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