Parenting Teens Group

At Colorado Teen Therapy, we recognize that teens don't exist in isolation. They are part of a family system and their struggles can affect the whole family. Our parent group is designed to provide parents with information, insights, skills and feedback to help them thrive as a family during the teen years.

The Benefits of the Group Experience

Unlike individual therapy, this group experience gives parents the opportunity to share their experiences, give advice, receive support, learn new skills and enjoy a sense of community.

How can a Parenting Group help?

MANAGE DIFFICULT EMOTIONS Understand the intensity behind adolescent emotions, and learn important strategies for comforting, de-escalating and reasoning with your teen.

MORE EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION Identify your communication style and personal approach to conflict.  Learn strategies for improving communication and reducing conflict in your relationship with your teen.

CONSISTENT EXPECTATIONS AND ACCOUNTABILITY Understand the ways that privileges and responsibilities need to evolve as your child becomes a teenager. Learn to distinguish consequences from punishment and focus on what kind of adult you want your teen to become.

STRONGER CONNECTION Learn to engage your teen in conversations and activities that move you toward the goal of eventually enjoying a friendship as adults. Identify opportunities for authentic connection and more time for fun!

UNDERSTAND YOURSELF AS A PARENT Reflect on your own upbringing and its impact on your parenting style. Evaluate what’s currently working for you and areas where you could use some support.

SURVIVE THE HARD CONVERSATIONS Share ideas with other parents about the tough conversations: sex, drugs, parties, drinking and other risky behavior.

How Does It Work?

The parenting group runs for 8 sessions.

Next session will begin Fall 2020

Cost: $50 per session / $80 for 2 parents of the same teen.

Pre-payment required. Payment plan available.


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