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Camping, Counseling & Confidence

Teen Summer Adventure Camp

June 5-10 2017

Confidence and Self-Esteem grow stronger when teens learn to take positive risks, overcome setbacks and experience success.

At Colorado Teen Therapy, our adventure programs are designed to offer physical challenges and positive risk-taking that lead to improved CONFIDENCE & RESILIENCY.

Our Adventure Programs encourage teens to explore and evaluate:

  • What are the mental blocks that get in the way of taking risks?
  • What are the emotional and physical sensations that come with trying something new?
  • How can I work through setbacks instead of giving up?
  • How can smaller, tangible goals help me become more perseverant?

The 2017 Camping, Counseling & Confidence Summer Camp includes 4 days of group adventure therapy activities that culminate in an overnight backpacking adventure!

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Who can benefit from the Teen Summer Adventure Camp?

Do you have a teen at home who:

  • lacks confidence?
  • feels like they are not "good enough"?
  • avoids trying new things?
  • focuses on failures without recognizing their accomplishments?
  • lacks direction or focus?
  • struggles to communicate what they're feeling?
  • seems uninspired or apathetic about the future?

Our Teen Summer Adventure Camp combines the best elements of group therapy with an age-appropriate, experiential curriculum that teaches teens critical skills in communication, self-reflection, teamwork and conflict resolution leading to improved self-esteem!

What will your teen learn from this experience?

LEADERSHIP SKILLS Discover your strengths as a leader as you take the initiative during activities and guide other group members through challenging obstacles.

MORE EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION Identify your communication style and personal approach to conflict.  Learn to be assertive and ask for what you need without being aggressive.

TEAMWORK Learn valuable skills essential to being part of any group, class or team. Reflect on the value you bring to the group.  Then practice excellent communication and feedback to help your team achieve its goals.

RESILIENCY Understand the power of overcoming obstacles and achieving goals.  Learn to value the strengths you bring to the group and work with others to feel stronger.

SUPPORT Learn from other teens that you are not alone in your struggles.  Give advice, ask for feedback and receive support from others girls who understand how you're feeling.

What makes our approach unique?

Unlike traditional adventure therapy programs that require clients to spend days or weeks in a wilderness setting, our program uses short group experiences to gain skills and insights which they can immediately apply to their environments with ongoing support.

How Does It Work?

The Teen Summer Adventure Camp combines 4 adventure therapy group counseling sessions with an overnight backpacking adventure.

Dates: Monday, June 5- Saturday, June 10

Monday-Thursday: The group will meet from 10:00am-12:00pm at a local park.

Friday: The group will meet at 4:00pm at our office and depart for the campsite. The group will return on Saturday morning by 12:00pm.

Contact us for more details about the locations.

What’s included?

  • Over 20 hours of group counseling with certified counselors.
    • This includes 8 hours during the week and over 12 hours of group activities during the camping trip.
    • Value = $800 at our usual group rate of $40 per session
  • Experienced outdoor recreation guides for the camping trip.
  • Transportation to and from campsite.
  • Dinner and breakfast during the camping trip.
  • Camping equipment provided by guides (personal equipment such as sleeping bag, pillow, etc. will need to be provided by the participants)

Cost: $575 per participant

(payment plan available)

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