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Helping Teens Slow Down

Teen Girls' Summer Camp

June 25-28 2018

Your teen deserves to live a life without perfectionism, anxiety, and fear. She deserves to make her decisions for herself and not follow her peers, and to feel good about her work, her body, and her talents!

 Teen Girl's Summer Camp can help!

Imagine your teen daughter.....

  • Thriving and feeling confident - making her own decisions, problem solving, learning boundaries, and saying “no” when she needs to
  • Learning how to shut off her inner critic and perfectionist and listen to her inner cheerleader instead
  • Slowing down and connecting with the world around her, and her peers
  • Creating meaningful relationships based on common interests, respect, and mutual support
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Who can benefit from the Teen Summer  Camp?

Do you have a teen at home who:

  • lacks confidence?
  • feels like she is not "good enough"?
  • avoids trying new things?
  • focuses on failures without recognizing her accomplishments?
  • lacks direction or focus?
  • struggles to communicate what she is feeling?
  • seems uninspired or apathetic about the future?
  • make negatives about her body, her image, her skills, or herself?
  • struggles with managing tough emotions like disappointment, anxiety, and sadness?
  • plays on her phone or social media all day?

Our Teen Girls' Summer Camp combines the best elements of group therapy with an age-appropriate, nature-based curriculum that teaches teens to slow down, practice mindfulness, be reflective, communicate more effectively and manage difficult emotions.

What will your teen learn from this experience?

MINDFULNESS Learn the value of SLOWING DOWN, reflecting, enjoying the outdoors and paying attention to the world around you.

MORE EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION Identify your communication style and personal approach to conflict.  Learn to be assertive and ask for what you need without being aggressive.

EMOTIONAL REGULATION Learn to identify and manage difficult emotions like frustration, anger and sadness.  Get comfortable sitting with your emotions rather than ignoring them, and  practice working through emotional moments before making important decisions.

CONFIDENCE Understand the power of overcoming obstacles and achieving goals.  Learn to value the strengths you bring to the group and work with others to feel stronger.

SUPPORT Learn from other teens that you are not alone in your struggles.  Give advice, ask for feedback and receive support from others girls who understand how you're feeling.

What makes our approach unique?

Unlike traditional talk therapy, our outdoor programs combine a skills-based curriculum with outdoor, nature therapy experiences that allow teens to practice these new skills in real time in a setting that is beautiful and fun!

How Does It Work?

The Teen Girls' Summer Camp will meet from 10:00am-12:30pm Monday-Thursday in an outdoor setting.  Each day will include group activities, art projects, hiking, exploring, journaling and plenty of fun!

Dates: Monday, June 25 - Thursday, June 28
Monday, July 16-Thursday, July 19


Contact us for more details about the locations.


  • 10 hours of group counseling with an experienced, teen therapist.
    • Value = $400 at our usual in-office group rate
  • Limited to only 6 participants to give each teen the best possible experience

Cost: $375 per participant

(payment plan available)

About the Therapist

Megan Yarnall, MA, MFTC, LPCC

I have worked with teenagers since I was a teenager myself! Starting out as a camp counselor, I have always taken an experiential approach to teaching and working with children and teens. I enjoy supporting teens in navigating the rocky path of figuring out who they are and what they want to do. My specialty is working with teens who confront perfectionism, anxiety, and disabilities, as well as motivation, identity, and behavior issues.

After my own transformative experiences hiking, climbing, and backpacking, I knew that I wanted to combine these experiential learning opportunities with helping people. As a narrative therapist, I believe that we can decide how much power the problems in our lives have; learning strength, endurance, and perseverance through activities such as backpacking and climbing helps us choose our preferred stories over our problem stories. I’m also particularly interested in the intersections between nature and therapy, and how we can use those to understand our identities.

I am excited about leading this summer camp and helping girls slow down, reflect, gain confidence and connect with themselves and each other in ways that are both meaningful and fun!


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