Tween Outdoor Group

Emotions in Motion

Designed for the Tweens and early Teens, this outdoor summer  program provides 10-14 year olds with a safe, supportive and fun environment to express their emotions, cope with their anxiety and grow in their interpersonal skills through outdoor interactive games and activities under the guidance and engagement of an experienced therapist.

What are the benefits of Group Therapy?

The group therapy experience provides tweens with a supportive community and a sense of belonging that is not possible through individual therapy.

The Tween Outdoor Group combines the supportive, communal elements of group therapy with an age-appropriate curriculum that teaches therapeutic and practical skills to manage and cope with anxiety, express emotions in a healthy way, connect with others and grow in self-awareness and self-confidence.

How can our "Emotions in Motion" Group help your Tween?

“Play is [a] symbolic language of self-expression and can reveal (a) what the [person] has experienced; (b) reactions to what was experienced; (c) feelings about what was experienced; (d) what the [person] wishes, wants, or needs; and (e) the [person’s] perception of self.”

― Garry L. Landreth, Play Therapy: The Art of the Relationship

Express Emotions Grow in emotional intelligence and learn how to communicate about your emotions and needs in a healthy way. Play provides a fun and safe way to express and the foundation for emotional growth personally and interpersonally.


Cope with Anxiety Learn valuable skills for slowing down, being present and managing stressful situations. Discover ways to “name then tame” anxiety, communicate needs and practice habits that reduce stress, build self-esteem and foster a more positive outlook.


Communication and Interpersonal Skills There are no bad emotions, only bad reactions. By growing in your communication skills you will learn how to better connect to your emotions and express them to others. Learn with and from others that you are not alone. Build friendships, receive support and connect with others through communication and play.


Grow in Self-Awareness and Self-Confidence Identify negative thoughts and learn how to “identify shame and reframe” with a more compassionate perspective and tone. Learn that you are not alone in your struggles and connect with others who understand how you’re feeling. Build relationships through play, time, and healthy, productive communication.



How Does It Work?

Who? Any and all "tweens" ages 10-13.  Limited to 8 participants.

When? Wednesdays 1:00-2:30pm beginning June 3rd for 4 weeks

Where: Wash Park

Cost: $60 per session. Pre-payment required.  Payment plan available.

Group Facilitator:  Kate Ketchum, MA, LPCC


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