How to Stop Fighting About Grades and Homework

School is often a hot topic between parents and teenagers.  We know our teens need and want more independence, but we also know that school is important and they need to stay on track.  For some families, this leads to lots of tension and fighting.  And if your teenager is doing school from home this…

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The power of “AND”

By Kate Ketchum, MA, LPC             When you think of the word “And”, what comes to mind…? On the flip side, when you think of the word “But”, what comes up for you…? These small, three letter words may seem menial and unimportant, but the truth is their impact is weighty and holds great significance.…

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Tackling Test Anxiety

As a teacher and counselor working in high schools, one of the primary reasons teens would come talk to me was about text anxiety. The story was always pretty similar: They paid attention in class, they took notes, they studied all night long, but on the day of the test their minds just went blank…

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