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How to Talk to Your Teenage Daughter about Healthy Body Image

Talking about body image with a teenage girl can sometimes feel like navigating a minefield. How do you bring up the topic of body image without making your daughter feel like maybe there is something she should be self-conscious about? Or worse– confirming that the thing that she’s already self-conscious about is actually true! Unless…

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Praise and Perfectionism

When I was just starting out as a teacher, I used praise pretty liberally with my students. If I thought a student had done really well on a paper they turned in, I’d give them a high five and say, “You are so smart!” It seems pretty innocuous, but praising teens for intelligence rather than…

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Tackling Test Anxiety

As a teacher and counselor working in high schools, one of the primary reasons teens would come talk to me was about text anxiety. The story was always pretty similar: They paid attention in class, they took notes, they studied all night long, but on the day of the test their minds just went blank…

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You’ve Graduated! Yay!! So……now what?

Helping Young Adults Find Their Path by Megan Yarnall, MA, MFTC Have you ever had a plan, whether large or small, and all of the sudden it got derailed? Then, you were left standing around wondering what to do next, or what was going to happen next. It’s happened to all of us.   When…

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