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Bring Telehealth to Your School

If the past year has taught us anything as mental health professionals, it's that therapy can happen anywhere!

We are excited to offer the possibility of reaching your students right where they are all day- at school!

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Colorado Teen Therapy would love to partner with you to make online therapy sessions accessible to your students while they are at school.

What we need from you:

  • access to a quiet, private space for client sessions
  • access to a laptop with webcam and audio
  • a school counselor to facilitate the initial contact/referral between the student and Colorado Teen Therapy
  • school-based personnel to help students get to their sessions (send passes/reminders/excuse them from class, etc.)

With your help, students can now fit their therapy sessions into the school day -- during an off period, during lunch, before or after school -- whatever makes the most sense for your student population and your building.

Our staff will handle all of the paperwork, billing and communication with parents.  All you have to do is provide the space and make the referral!

These sessions will be billed as private pay, or we can bill insurance for students who have COAccess-Denver Medicaid.

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