Free Workshops for Parents of Teens

September 22, 2021  11am

The Teenage Brain & Behavior

Are you the parent of a teenager?

Whether we call them tweens or teens or  adolescents, the truth is it might feel like an alien species has landed in your house.

Suddenly you’re experiencing:

  • More arguing and yelling
  • More talking back and eyerolling
  • More emotional meltdowns over things that seem small (to you, but not to them)
  • Anxiety about school
  • Anxiety about making friends

You’ve asked around for some advice, but mostly people tell you:

  • It’s a phase.  Just wait it out.
  • Ugh.  Teenagers are the worst.
  • Yep those teen years are a beast.  Good luck with that.
  • It’s a wild ride.  Just hold on and hope for the best.

Parenting teenagers doesn't have to be so overwhelming and it definitely doesn't have to be scary.  The truth is that adolescence is simply another stage of development -- like infancy, or the toddler stage, or the early childhood years.

  • Each stage requires children (or in this case teens) to learn new skills, adapt to new circumstances and grow!  And as a parent your job is to learn about each stage, teach new skills and support your child through their development.

This FREE workshop will help you do just that.  You will learn:

  • what is happening in your teen's brain during this stage of development
  • what skills your teen needs to learn in order to grow
  • how you can help support that growth

Join me as we dive into what adolescent development is all about and how knowing what to expect can help us be better parents and THRIVE during these years instead of just survive!

Can't make it live? No problem.  Make sure you register so you'll have access to the replay.